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Our employees — professionals of the business. They perform the work confidently and qualitatively. Than we differ from other agencies of real estate? Professional management and specialization of each expert in real estate

The director of our company: Maslova Erica Vladimirovna.

In our company of 5 departments on real estate sale:

Department on work from inhabited real estate

Department of realization of new buildings

Department on work from country real estate

Department on work from commercial real estate

Department on work from foreign real estate

In the real estate market the marketing and advertizing department is engaged in advancement of our objects.

And all legal and organizational work is carried out by ours the lawyer and office managers

Our experts can be trusted because:

Experts of our company pass special training and certification for work as estate agents.

Only in our company unique conditions for work of experts in real estate, therefore are offered and experts we have possibility to choose the best.

Experience and professionalism of our employees confirm letters of recommendation and set of positive responses of our clients.

Our experts on real estate know all about advantages and lacks of any real estate, legal features of support of transactions and other subtleties which you can face in the course of real estate acquisition.

Our experts work in comfortable conditions at office of a class "And" which is located in city center, in TiDtS "Europe" and are always ready to meet you and to answer any your questions.


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