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About the company

About the company

Our real estate agency was founded in 2006 year by specialists, who has five year experience in real estate service market. Imperfection of our local Yekaterinburg`s real estate agencies became preconditions to form our personal agency.

That`s why the key point of our company is quality of management, which result in individual approach to every client, professional service presentation level, high quality presentation of object`s information. There are lot of our personal projects and presentations too.

RG Capital is - real estate agency of Yekaterinburg city. We`ll provide you whole specter of traditional realtor`s services, existing on our market: select, exchange, sell. We provide consulting on selecting credit products (including mortgage ), and can help you with credit registration. We can help you to understand all government programs, using our practice experience ( “military certificates” “Mother`s capital” “Young family” ). We can solve problems connected with inheritance and rights registration on the living, country, and commercial estates. We can solve all your “apartment`s” questions.

All our estate agency working results speak itself to you. Experience and professionalism of our specialists are supported by recommendation letters and responses of our clients.

What`s the difference between “Capital” estate agency and other estate agencies of Yekaterinburg? The answer is: professional management. Our analytics will tell you about market forecasts and tendencies, your selling project we`ll sell more effectively than others, because we have professional market managers in our state, we`ll select better financial systems for you, because we have professional financial managers in our company. We can choose from best specialists, because we can suggest unique working conditions.


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