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Real estate in Ekaterinburg


Purchase, sale, real estate exchange in Ekaterinburg – here the basic lines of activity of Realtor Group "Capital". We – the professional realtor company, which advantage – qualitative and fast service with an individual approach to each client.

Have decided to buy or sell real estate in Ekaterinburg? Realtor Group "Capital" with pleasure will help you the professional advice! We offer real estate in Ekaterinburg all categories and kinds: inhabited and uninhabited, primary and secondary, and also country and foreign.

On our site you can look at offers on objects of real estate in Ekaterinburg, place the object, ask a question to the expert, and also order a return call.

What do you receive cooperating with РГ "Capital"? A high degree of service and rendering of services, an individual approach, qualitative granting of the information about real estate of Ekaterinburg and full support of the transaction since that moment as you to us have addressed and to the full permission of a question.

Real estate in Ekaterinburg

Commercial property

"A wise investor" - what is it?
The program for those who want to save money in the real estate and earn in this market.
Manage your real estate we take, you only get money every month.
We acquire property for you !!!

Ready property yield of 7-12% per year. 


The finished property, the yield 12-20% per year. 


The finished property, the yield of 20% or more per year. 


For more information you can get from our expert Dmitriy  PUTILOV + 7-965-544-64-27. 

Commercial property
Уникальное предложение для жизни и для инвестиций

Предлагается к продаже однокомнатная квартира в кирпичном доме с отличным ремонтом, выполненным по дизайн-проекту автора- номинанта 2-х миланских премий!
Цена: 4 200 000 рублей руб. Тел.: 8-909-004-67-05
Роскошный особняк в лесу!

КП "Подкова" 560 кв.м.
Цена: 29 000 000 Rub Тел.: 8-912-210-44-52
ЖК "На Лукиных"

Самая привлекательная цена на рынке Новостроек!!!!
Цена: от 54 000 Rub/Sq. m. Тел.: 8-965-544-64-20
Суперский дом!

Дом "под ключ" ждет Вас!
Цена: 3 400 000 Rub Тел.: 7(965)548-25-14
Квартира с авторским дизайном в клубном доме "Тихвинъ

Концептуальная квартира с авторским дизайном в клубном доме Тихвинъ. Последний день Помпеи, вулкан и фрагмент Адвоката дьявола. Идеальный вариант для тех, кто хочет и может! Дизайнер номинант 2-х премий в Милане Елена Остапова.
Цена: 31 500 000 рублей руб. Тел.: 8-909-004-67-05